Refrigerator and Freezer Energy Rating Database



Dear Friends -
The database used with this tool is getting old, and it is not possible to update it as I move further into retirement. Before the tool is removed from this website, those wishing to use the information in the database or add to it are welcome to download an MS-Access version of the database from this link

Many people haven't a clue how much energy their refrigerator or freezer is using every hour of every day of every year. Here is a little help.

Below you can discover the energy rating of many refrigerators and freezers produced for the American consumer market. To search this database, choose "Refrigerator" or "Freezer" and a brand name from the pull-down list. Then type in a model number, and click on the "Search" button below. The list will give the matching model numbers, its size, the year of manufacture, and the energy rating. Of course not all models can be included. The database generally includes models that are at least 12 cubic feet but not more than 26 cubic feet in size.

Appliance Type:

Appliance Brand:


When typing in the model number of the refrigerator or freezer, use only capital letters. If you are not sure of a letter or number of the model, use an asterick (*) as a wildcard for the character. If the model number begins with a plus sign (+), leave that character off.


Model Number:

How can you tell the model number? Check the nameplate. The nameplate usually is inside the food storage compartment or near the floor on the front frame.


  Special thanks go out to the state of Wisconsin and the U.S. Department of Energy's Weatherization program for making this database possible.

If you have problems, contact Jim Cavallo, MwEPA-LLC (formerly Midwest Energy Performance Analytics, Inc.) at

This page was last updated on January 19, 2021.